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Personal Journal of Johann Von Verruckt - Entry 7

The Personal Journal of Johann Von Verruckt

This incomplete set of documents was found in a buried time capsule at the former site of the Berlin wall on June 13th, 2022. Translation from German to English done by the council for foreign affairs of A.I.R.

May 31st, 2019

1:51 a.m.

Entry 7: Day 5 after acquisition of Sam19

Scout ships are becoming more and more frequent according to the resistance fighters Intel. They seem to circle this underground bunker like vultures waiting to pick the bones of a fallen animal. It does not make any sense. It seems the brethren (if they could be called as such) of Sam19 know exactly where we are keeping their comrade, yet do not mount a rescue...Why? This journal will now be my main source of conversational conjectures as my assistant, Sven Holdenstaadt, has met an untimely, albeit provoked, end. As a result, the resistance has dispatched two soldiers as a security detail and will allow no one but me to interact with Sam19. Needless to say, the intellectual conversation has digressed to the sound of bullets being loaded into clips and the impulsively incessant noise of a bore brush being dragged through the barrels of rifles...And they call me crazy.

It should be noted that Sven Holdenstaadt, while not the greatest scientific mind left on the earth, was a meticulous assistant and met his demise under circumstances that can only be described as careless. Such a contradiction of character; although stress can unwind a man and claw at his last raw nerve. Sven, for whatever ungodly reason, taunted Sam19 with a picture of a strawberry milkshake. Perhaps in his mind he believed that he could draw more information out of the celestial being by presenting it with a false promise. The attack happened so quickly that it seemed not even sound could catch up with the momentum of Sam19's milkshake lust rage. There was a blur and Sam19 was nearly seated again before we heard the Velcro rip of cartilage and twig snap of Sven's legs being wrench from his body. I have many theories on the way in which Sam19 could have moved that fast not barring the warping of temporal space. Sven bled to death in minutes. May he rest in peace...or pieces as the case reflects. There are some interesting observations that can be drawn from this tragedy: 1) that these celestial beings may succumb to stress and anxiety, 2) the physical appearance of these celestial beings is in no way indicative to their potential physical strength, and 3) these celestial beings may have been on earth long before they began to their assault. The third observation was a connection to Sam19's love of strawberry milkshakes that I am embarrassed to admit I had not made at an earlier juncture. It all spawns from the question of how did Sam19 develop the taste for such a treat? The answer is Occam's Razor. They have tasted our food, drank our drink, lived our culture, and hidden in plain sight. Are these magnificent beings truly the trumpet blowers of our apocalypse?  They have wrought war, pestilence, famine, and death; of this there can be no dispute.

Another occurrence has brought about many more questions as to the true capabilities of Sam19's species. I have developed a daily routine of conversing with our guestto call Sam19 anything but a guest would be a vainglorious fallacyabout various subjects. Today I presented our guest with a mirror and, by God, for the first time in five days, I saw fear in its eyes. When I asked about the fear of mirrors, Sam19 was unresponsive and sent very nasty, albeit non-threatening, vibrations my way and requested that the mirror never be brought out again. A strange thing indeed to fear one's own reflection.

General Adkinsona General only because there is no one left to assume the role and no one who will challenge this madman's authorityis getting more and more persistent with his pursuit of knowledge from Sam19 while becoming less and less patient with his methods. I allow the General to observe every couple of days and read over some abridged notes that I keep separate from this journal. After the incident with Sven, I believe that General Adkinson may be finally realizing that violent interrogation of Sam19 is not an option...although, admittedly, I have kept Sam19's reaction to mirrors under lock and key because if General Adkinson possessed that kind of critical knowledge, there is no telling what might transpire as a result. It is my intention to prevent any further incidents such as the one with Sven from happening again.


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