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Questionnaire for Survivors of the Attacks


Please include with this form your name, email and a website address where you can be contacted

1.)    Please list your age, sex, nationality and approximate location.

2.)    How old were you on March 7, 2017 (Day of Invasion)?

3.)    Where did you spend the years from 2017 to 2022?

4.)    How many individuals were you with during these years?

5.)    How did you meet basic necessities like food and clean water?

6.)    Did you witness any of the attacks personally?

A.)  If Yes:

i.)                  Can you describe what the invaders looked like?

ii.)                At what time did you first see the invaders?

iii.)              Did the invaders attempt to communicate with you?

iv.)              Did the invaders attempt to harm you or others near you?

B.)   If No:

i.)                  How did you learn of the attacks?

ii.)                At what time did you learn of the attacks?

iii.)              What was your reaction to learning of the attacks?

iv.)              What did you do after you learned of the attacks?

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