The Assembly of International Reunification (AIR) is requesting that anyone with documentation pertaining to the events of the attacks of 2017-2022, please submit them for historical preservation and international security. 

AIR is seeking audio, photographic, textual, video, oral or written history and any other documentation pertaining to these events.  With the help of the global community, AIR hopes to be able to not only preserve these artifacts for future generations but also to gain any further evidence about the beings that lay siege to our world during those fateful years. 

If you have information and would like to help in AIR’s efforts, please include with your submission:

a.)    Where and when the data was collected

b.)    Any additional information you would like posted with your submission. (Personal information may contain web sites, back links to blogs, emails, short bio but must be under 100 words)

If you have any information or questions, please email:

Notice to Writers, Artists, Photographers, Videographers etc.

Artifacts of the Apocalypse is a submissions based blog. We are always looking for guest posts! An added incentive to submitting to A.oftheA. is that when we publish your guest post, we will allow you to write a quick note to our readers about your own blog or website, as well as a link or links to your own writing.

This is a chance to get creative and attract new readers! The only stipulation is that your guest post must be at least 300 characters long if it is a text file, at least one photo or work of art, or three minute of video or audio.

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