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J. Hull Journals. 3/9/17 - 3/13-17

Date Retrieved: 7-23-2022

Date Written: First Entry: 3-9-2017.  Last Entry: 7-14-2022

Location:  Dublin, Ireland and Various Locales in the United Kingdom

Other Notes:  Janie Hull (27 year female) kept various journals from 3-9-2017 to 7-14-2022.  Hull donated journals to AIR on 7-23-2022 in an effort to document what she and her family had experienced in the years from 2017 to 2022.

March 9, 2017. 4pm

It’s been three days since the world went crazy.  I don’t even know what to say about it.  Josh and I are hiding in our hotel room and I decided to write down some of what is happening because there is no TV and the hotel staff has told us that we cannot leave our rooms.  Josh finally fell asleep and if I just sit here I know that I will go crazy.

We got to Dublin a week ago, two days after the wedding.  Some fucking honeymoon.  I want to be back in Toronto and have all of this not happening.

I wish I knew if my mom and dad are ok.  The phone lines (landlines and cells) haven’t worked since all this started, and the internet is just about useless.  I keep thinking that it can’t go on much longer, that by the time I wake up things will be back to normal and people won’t be whispering about war or aliens or whatever crazy idea they think is happening. I know it sounds stupid, but I keep thinking of my cat, Bowser, alone in our apartment.  Would the neighbor even remember that he was supposed to feed him if all this craziness is happening there too?

These French guys across the hall? They said this is happening in every large city in the world.  I am sure Toronto would count as a large city. But it can’t be happening there too.  They can’t be everywhere can they?

Oh god, it is happening again. I am going to wake Josh up in case we have to run.

March 10, 2017. 2pm

We are still in the hotel room.  The hotel staff opened up the kitchen last night and let us take whatever we wanted, lucky for us this place had three restaurants so there was quite a bit to go around. It also helps that almost every guest took off not too long after the first few explosions. After letting us into the kitchens, the staff said that they were leaving…going home to their families and that we could do what we wanted. 

Josh and I decided to stay here at least a day or two more; after that we will try and find a way to the embassy. 

March 12, 2017. 6am

We went outside yesterday.

I kept telling Josh we shouldn’t, but he wanted to see what was left in the little store outside the hotel.  It catered mainly to the hotel guests; aspirin, cigarettes, snacks…that kind of stuff.  Josh wanted to grab any medicine and bottled water that might be there before we tried to leave. 

The only way I agreed to let him go is if I went with.   He argued at first, but I flat out told him that I would rather be dead than left in this creepy, quiet hotel room by myself. 

The streets were mostly silent, I could hear car alarms or something off in the distance but there weren’t cars driving or people walking around. Everything smelled like smoke and pennies. There were lots and lots of bodies.  Josh tried to make me go back in, told me to look up at the sky instead of around me, but I couldn’t stop looking. 

One lady was sitting with her back to us on the park bench outside the hotel  At first I thought she was alive…she had a baseball hat on her head, camera strap around her neck, her purse still slung over her shoulder.  She was just sitting on that bench, still wearing her accessories, just like she was about to hop up and grab some touristy pictures to pass around the office when she got home. 

When we came around to the front though, she didn’t have any legs.  Her blue coat was all purple and brown at the bottom and ribbons of what looked like hamburger and blood and something pink and shiny in these weird ropey clumps and there were flies crawling there.  Something had ripped her face in half one eye was just dangling down on her cheek and I started screaming and screaming and Josh grabbed me and her eye was just DANGLING there and-

March 13, lunchtime

I kind of lost it there.  I’m not sure why I am keeping this stupid notebook.  Yesterday Josh tried to throw it away, but I took it out of the trash can because writing in it makes me feel at least a little more normal.  I don’t know why, I never liked to write before.

After we went outside, Josh dragged me into that little store and filled up bags full of food and water and took about 20 bottles of aspirin.  He took a few cartons of cigarettes and even though I spent the last year convincing him to quit, I didn’t say anything.  I think cancer is pretty low on the threat list for right now.   He tried the phones and the computer in the back office (I think that was the real reason he wanted to go there), but  the power was out.

The hotel still has power, they must have a generator.  We moved our stuff up to a suite with a kitchenette on the top floor and Josh heated up some soup he found in the restaurant freezer downstairs.  I tried to eat, but I just keep thinking of that woman. 

We are going to stay here for a while.  We still don’t know where the embassy is and there is power, food and running water here we don’t want to go quite yet.  I think if I wasn’t pregnant, Josh probably would want to make a run for it but I can’t go very fast so we are waiting to see what happens before we head out.

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