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Dr. C.E. Crain, Letter no.2 from U of S. Aus. Archives, CWR

19 April 2017

It's been a little over a month since I last chronicled the events surrounding what has become a world wide terror. As of my last writing, I was in a hospital bed in Royal Adelaide Hospital recovering from injuries sustained in the explosion that decimated my hotel. My injuries consisted of a moderately sprained shoulder as well as a concussion, though at this point in time I've recovered quite nicely from both ailments. While I was in Royal Adelaide, I met an officer in the Australian Navy named Alex who had also suffered injuries in initial explosions. When he learned that I was an historian by trade, Alex assigned me with the task of gathering information from these attacks and the subsequent fallout for domestic and military records. I gladly accepted, partly because I was already planning to do this, but also because I enjoy the thought of being conscripted by a foreign military for peaceful matters.

As things stand right now, I'm penning these notes and memos on a pair of giant paper notebooks I was able to salvage from a local supermarket. Phone and internet connections have been destroyed, with most places in the city being forced to ration power. The lone exception to this rule are hospitals, were survivors of the initial explosions crowd the lobby as if it were a giant hotel. I've been basing myself out of Royal Adelaide, though I do spend some nights in nearby houses, provided I can find one where the doors and windows all lock. The majority of the population is still in too much fear to consider looting, though there are a few rogue individuals outside breaking store windows. For whatever reason, these people rarely return to loot again, though I can't say I have an explanation for what might be causing that.

Two days ago, I ventured down to the harbor to get some information from my new found military contacts on what is going on in Australia as a whole. I've been told that Adelaide is in the best shape of the major cities of the country. Melbourne and Perth are still burning, while Canberra and Sydney are in ruins. There were rumors that most of the major cities back in the United States had suffered the same fate as Sydney, though no one had any information on the fate of Salt Lake City. I dropped a letter to Gabrielle in the mailbox, though I have no idea if either the Australian or American mail systems are active at this point. The Chinese and Iranian militaries are reported to be arming their nuclear warheads in preparation for full scale war, though as to who those wars will be against is still in question.

A traveler from outside the city made her way to the hospital today. Her name is Dr. Deborah Evans, an archaeological researcher from McGill University in Canada. Dr. Evans was returning to Adelaide from an excursion to the outback last month when the explosions hit. She described what she can only explain as a combination of a meteor and a cluster bomb falling on the city on March 7th. By her account, the object fell center on the city, creating an explosion and a wall of fire. From that wall, a small meteor rose up, hanging in the air for a few seconds before splitting into various smaller projectiles and crashing down in a perfect circle, creating a second ring of fire further out from the first. The process repeated two more times, creating three rings as well as the initial bull's eye point. The fires died down and eventually dissipated over the course of three weeks, though from what I heard at the shipyard, Adelaide has been lucky in that regard.

Night is falling over the city as I write this, meaning the lobby lights here at the hospital will get turned out soon. Off in the distance I can see a few embers from what was the closest fire smoldering. With night time comes near silence, save for the sounds of the random looters in the street and an awkward buzzing noise that rings out every night around 11pm. No one in the hospital is sure where the buzzing is coming from, though there are times where the Doppler effect indicates whatever is making the noise has passed over us. Though I can't be for certain what has caused the explosions or where the buzzing noise is coming from, I'm nearly 100% certain that the two are related, and that whatever has caused them is like nothing the human race has ever seen before.

Date Retreived: 1-1-2023
Date Written: 4-19-2017

Location: This writing is part of a series of letters on file at the University of South Australia in Adelaide. While it is not the only personal retelling of the events surrounding 3-7-2017 to exist, Dr. Crain's work is by far the most well-known in the new Commonwealth Republic.

Other Notes: The Commonwealth Republic was formed 10-16-2018 by the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand as a united front against the alien invaders. It was the only coalition in the Eastern Hemisphere formed during the extraterrestrial violence to have survived in its original state post-war. Dr. Crain published additional letters during the war, all of which are on file at the University of South Australia.

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