Friday, February 24, 2012

The Personal Journal of Johann Von Verruckt

This incomplete set of documents was found in a buried time capsule at the former site of the Berlin wall on June 13th, 2022. Translation from German to English done by the council for foreign affairs of A.I.R.

May 26th, 2019

8:00 p.m.

Entry 1

A small pocket of resistance in the foothills of West Berlin have captured of one of the celestial creatures and brought it to my underground, makeshift laboratory. I hesitate to call this creature ‘alien’ because to do so would be an insult to their very existence. What’s more, the resistance fighters have brought the celestial creature—herein named Sam19—to us ALIVE and unharmed. Oh, how the fates have smiled on our endeavor! Sam19 transcends all preconceived notions of what we originally thought these celestial beings to look like; the almond shaped head and eyes with frail bodies, HA! What an obscenely narrow-minded race of beings we are!

Though humanoid in its appearance, Sam19 retains certain qualities that Charles Darwin would be astonished to see and eager to study as these qualities only work to quantify his theories on evolutionary development. Imagine what we can learn about ourselves from these celestial creatures. In the 36 hours since I have obtained Sam19, I have already learned enough to fill an innumerable amount of notebooks.

 Sam19 communicates in a way that I can only describe as unmistakably ethereal. It is not telepathy by any means. It is more…vibrations of a sort that seem to be channeled from the universe herself. Sam19 is neither male nor female. This is a theory that resonates throughout the halls of religion and myth, angels, demons, and all manner of otherworldly beings.

 Sam19 expresses that reproduction is an obsolete notion among its species. Instead, there is a fusion of consciousness that creates new life. And to think, we’ve only just scraped the surface of what knowledge lay in wait. Sam19 also has expressed an affinity for strawberry milkshakes of all things. The heart of the matter still lies in the question of why these celestial creatures attacked and nearly decimated our world and why Sam19 has decided to be more than cooperative.

 I could speculate on whether or not he truly is being cooperative, but the truth is I still do not know. When trying to convey to Sam19 that I could not acquire a strawberry milkshake due to the havoc his species wreaked on this world, the celestial creature became undeniably confused; almost as though it did not understand the concept of destruction and death. Of course, the resistance fighters are pressuring me for answers in regards to these creatures weaknesses and other pertinent information to the survival of the human race—such is the military minded.

 I then pose the question, “How do I ask a creature that does not seem to comprehend death, a way in which to kill itself?”


About the Author: This piece was written by Ryan Stahl. For more short stories and writting by this author, please visit

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