Saturday, February 11, 2012



Globe under Attack by Unknown Forces.

8pm 3/7/2017

Information is at this time limited, but it has become clear in the last hour that multiple attacks from unknown combatants have occurred around the world.  Citizens have reported lights in the sky, followed by explosions, a green gas in the air and multiple reports of missing people. 

Rolling blackouts have been reported world wide and the majority of national governments have made no report of what the danger is or who is to blame.  At this time, cell phone service is limited, satellite signals are impaired and many multinational websites have gone dark.

CCN News will be updating viewers as soon as information becomes available.

Citizens are urged to remain in the home. Shut off all lights and lock doors.  Do not try and locate family members.  If you are not at home, do not attempt to travel and instead find a safe place to wait until more news is available.   

Date Retrieved: 4-2-2024

Date Written: 8pm 3-7-2017

Location Found: CCN News website’s last article posted.  Written and posted in the first hours of the attack.

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