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Info. Report: Church of God's Righteous Vengeance

AIR Information Report on:
The Church of God’s Righteous Vengeance (CoGRV)

Date: 5-30-2022

Report complied by AIR agent J.E. Johnson


Main HQ: Hooker, OK
Branches in: Clarksdale, MS. Osborn, KS. Loving, NM. Lubbock, TX. Vernal, UT.

Report on CoGRV history

In the months following the invasion, a cult known to its members as the Church of God’s Righteous Vengeance was formed in Hooker, Oklahoma. This group, also known as the CoGRV, attracted approximately 15,000 to 25,000 people from the central and southern United States.  They are currently the largest organized civilian settlement what remains of North America. While the group’s largest congregation remains in OK; it has also established branches in MS, KS, TX, UT, and NM.

 The majority of church members were individuals who had lost most or many family and acquaintances during the attacks.  The church grew to power during the drought of the summer of 2017.  The founding members had managed to secure access to large stores of food and requited members in exchange for providing food, shelter and water.

The tenets of this faith are based loosely on Christianity (specifically the book of Revelations), but are in no way affiliated or acknowledged by the Christian church or any sect of them.  The CoGRV believes that God sent “demons” to attack humanity in retribution for sins.  They believe that those who died deserved to be killed and that all rebuilding efforts are an affront to God’s plan. 

The CoGRV believe that it is their mission to “finish” what the extraterrestrial combatants started.  They have formed a militia and continue to attack civilian and aid personnel in an effort to halt the rebuilding effort.  The CoGRV have refused multiple attempts by AIR to establish contact or come to a peace agreement.  The CoGRV asserts that it is an independent country based on its religious tenets. While AIR maintains its stance of global religious freedom, the CoGRV is considered an enemy to the mission of global reunification due to the numerous violent attacks it has conducted.

The CoGRV is led by two individuals known as Father Harlan “Hank” Engald and Sister Nancy Phillips.   Harlan Engald is a 58 year old male who claims to be a prophet sent from God to lead the worthy in ridding the planet of nonbelievers. Engald is referred to as “The Beacon” by members of the CoGRV.  Prior to invasion, Harlan Engald was unemployed and had a criminal history of multiple counts of domestic abuse to his common law wife, Patty Engald (Deceased), multiple arrests due to drug and alcohol charges, petty theft and larceny charges, aggravated assault charges and  one count of sexual assault to a minor.  Engald was incarcerated at the time of attacks and was released in 2017 along with the rest of prison populations when it was determined that local officials could no longer attend to inmates. Engald claims to be all knowing and is seen as both holy and immortal by members of the CoGRV.

“Mother” Nancy Phillips is a 43 year old female.  Phillips is rumored to be romantically involved with Engald, but this is denied by both parties.  Prior to the Invasion, Phillips was a Home Economics Instructor at Hooker High School.  She has been married and divorced three times and is the mother to Donald Phillips (Pastor of CoGRV Kansas branch). Phillips is a self-proclaimed “antifeminist” and leads the Women’s Atonement Circle which is aimed at reeducating women on what the CoGRV claims is their “traditional role as wives and mothers”.

The Threat of the CoGRV:

AIR has deemed the CoGRV to be a threat to international reunification.  The CoGRV has formed a militia which has been used on at least 23 occasions to attack emergency medical centers, civilian gathering places and resettlement camps.  The militia is well supplied with guns, ammunition, and claims to have access to biological weapons. It is assumed that the CoGRV is supplied by foraging weapons and ammunitions from abandoned retail locations and personal homes.  

Reports indicate that the CoGRV kill or imprison civilians that refuse to convert to or assimilate with the group.  Women and members of minority races are said to be at greater risk.  It is estimated at this time that the CoGRV is responsible for over 8000 to 10,000 deaths.

Reports indicate that the church is engaged in the trafficking of underage girls.  The CoGRV is rumored to force marriage to older men on girls as young as 14.  This is said to be a problem in Oklahoma and Kansas in particular.  OK and KS are also said to be the most violent branches of the church.

The Utah division of the church seems to be the most willing to speak with members of AIR.  This division is said to be the most removed from the other divisions.  AIR agents should focus on this group in attempts to learn more about the CoGRV.

Individuals of Interest:

Harlan “Hank” Engald, age 58– Leader of CoGRV, AKA - Father Engald, known to CoGRV members as “The Beacon” or “The Chosen Son”

Nancy Phillips, age 43 – Head of CoGRV Women’s Atonement Circle,

Donald Phillips, age 27– Pastor of CoGRV KS Branch, son of Nancy Phillips

Albert Young, age 31 – Pastor of CoGRV MS branch

Sherman Hertch, age 24 – Pastor of CoGRV TX branch

Douglas Mercer, age 44- Pastor of CoGRV NM branch

Clive Henderson, age 36 – Pastor of CoGRV UT branch

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