Friday, February 10, 2012

Text Messege Conversation. M.L. & S.L.

Mandy- "Sam? something is wrong here.  Please call ASAP!" Message Sent 2:55pm

Mandy- "CALL ME! EMERGENCY!" Message Sent 3:14pm

Mandy- "CALL ASAP I'm so scared. Please call.  I love you" Message Sent 3:45 pm

Mandy - "Sam please answer me im so scared pls answer i love you i'm so scared" Message Sent 4:32pm

Mandy- “Are you ok? I’m so scared. Everything here is going crazy, please tell me u r ok!” Message Sent 6:13 pm

Sam- “I love you, I just got service on my phone.  Is Trevor with you? Please tell me you guys are ok. I love you so much.  I am hiding with some other truckers in a gas station freezer outside of town.  Tell me where you are and I will find you.” Message Sent 6:21 pm

Mandy- (Message 1 of 2)“I love you so much.  I just tried to call you but can’t get enough service.   I am in the basement of the Catholic church downtown, but you can’t come here.  I think we are safe for right now, but we can here them on the streets and so many people are screaming.  Please stay where you are. I tried -”

Mandy- (Message 2 of 2) “-to find Trevor when this all started.  They weren’t in the school.   No 1 was in the school.  There was a teacher on the lawn, she said someone had taken the kids on a bus somewhere. I don’t know where he is.  She didn’t know where they went.  I don’t know where r baby is.” Message Sent 6:25 pm

Sam- “Did he have his phone.” Message Sent 6:27 pm

 Mandy- “yes. I think so. I don’t know.  He isn’t answering.  Do u think he is ok? Oh god my baby is out there somewhere.  Sam, I want to be with you.  I want this to be not happening.  Y is this happening? What are those things? Where is he?” Message Sent 6:30 pm

 Sam- “Baby, I love you and we will find each other and find Trevor.  You need to calm down.  I know you are scared, we’re all scared, but you need to be calm.  How many r with u?” Message Sent 6:32 pm

 Mandy- “Seven of us.  There are two other moms that were looking for their kids 2 and some other ppl.  I don’t know.  I’m so sorry.  I’m so sorry.  If you find Trevor before I do tell him that Mommy loves so much.” Message Sent 6:35pm

 Sam- “We will tell him together that mommy and daddy both love him so much.” Message Sent 6:34

 Mandy – “Something is at the door.  Oh god, Sam it’s scratching at the door. Oh god oh god I love you sam I love you Trevor I love you so much” Message Sent 6:38 pm

Sam- “WHATS HAPPENING?” Message Sent 6:39 pm

Sam – “Mandy? R u ok?” Message Sent 6:39 pm

Sam – “Mandy? R u ok?” Message Sent 6:40 pm

Sam – “Mandy? R u ok?” Message Sent 6:41 pm

Sam – “Mandy? R u ok?” Message Sent 642 pm

Sam – “Mandy? R u ok?” Message Sent 6:42 pm

Date Retrieved: 9-15-2021
Date Written: 3-7-2017 (Day of Invasion.)
Location Found: Messages retrieved from cellular phone found in St. Lucia’s basement.  1809 WaterLoo Ave., San Diego, CA

Other Notes: Writers are assumed to be Amanda and Samuel Larren. No further information is available on A., S., or child referenced in text.  Remains of 6 adults; 4f & 2m, found at site. 

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