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Dr. C.E. Crain, Letter no.2 from U of S. Aus. Archives, CWR

19 April 2017

It's been a little over a month since I last chronicled the events surrounding what has become a world wide terror. As of my last writing, I was in a hospital bed in Royal Adelaide Hospital recovering from injuries sustained in the explosion that decimated my hotel. My injuries consisted of a moderately sprained shoulder as well as a concussion, though at this point in time I've recovered quite nicely from both ailments. While I was in Royal Adelaide, I met an officer in the Australian Navy named Alex who had also suffered injuries in initial explosions. When he learned that I was an historian by trade, Alex assigned me with the task of gathering information from these attacks and the subsequent fallout for domestic and military records. I gladly accepted, partly because I was already planning to do this, but also because I enjoy the thought of being conscripted by a foreign military for peaceful matters.

As things stand right now, I'm penning these notes and memos on a pair of giant paper notebooks I was able to salvage from a local supermarket. Phone and internet connections have been destroyed, with most places in the city being forced to ration power. The lone exception to this rule are hospitals, were survivors of the initial explosions crowd the lobby as if it were a giant hotel. I've been basing myself out of Royal Adelaide, though I do spend some nights in nearby houses, provided I can find one where the doors and windows all lock. The majority of the population is still in too much fear to consider looting, though there are a few rogue individuals outside breaking store windows. For whatever reason, these people rarely return to loot again, though I can't say I have an explanation for what might be causing that.

Two days ago, I ventured down to the harbor to get some information from my new found military contacts on what is going on in Australia as a whole. I've been told that Adelaide is in the best shape of the major cities of the country. Melbourne and Perth are still burning, while Canberra and Sydney are in ruins. There were rumors that most of the major cities back in the United States had suffered the same fate as Sydney, though no one had any information on the fate of Salt Lake City. I dropped a letter to Gabrielle in the mailbox, though I have no idea if either the Australian or American mail systems are active at this point. The Chinese and Iranian militaries are reported to be arming their nuclear warheads in preparation for full scale war, though as to who those wars will be against is still in question.

A traveler from outside the city made her way to the hospital today. Her name is Dr. Deborah Evans, an archaeological researcher from McGill University in Canada. Dr. Evans was returning to Adelaide from an excursion to the outback last month when the explosions hit. She described what she can only explain as a combination of a meteor and a cluster bomb falling on the city on March 7th. By her account, the object fell center on the city, creating an explosion and a wall of fire. From that wall, a small meteor rose up, hanging in the air for a few seconds before splitting into various smaller projectiles and crashing down in a perfect circle, creating a second ring of fire further out from the first. The process repeated two more times, creating three rings as well as the initial bull's eye point. The fires died down and eventually dissipated over the course of three weeks, though from what I heard at the shipyard, Adelaide has been lucky in that regard.

Night is falling over the city as I write this, meaning the lobby lights here at the hospital will get turned out soon. Off in the distance I can see a few embers from what was the closest fire smoldering. With night time comes near silence, save for the sounds of the random looters in the street and an awkward buzzing noise that rings out every night around 11pm. No one in the hospital is sure where the buzzing is coming from, though there are times where the Doppler effect indicates whatever is making the noise has passed over us. Though I can't be for certain what has caused the explosions or where the buzzing noise is coming from, I'm nearly 100% certain that the two are related, and that whatever has caused them is like nothing the human race has ever seen before.

Date Retreived: 1-1-2023
Date Written: 4-19-2017

Location: This writing is part of a series of letters on file at the University of South Australia in Adelaide. While it is not the only personal retelling of the events surrounding 3-7-2017 to exist, Dr. Crain's work is by far the most well-known in the new Commonwealth Republic.

Other Notes: The Commonwealth Republic was formed 10-16-2018 by the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand as a united front against the alien invaders. It was the only coalition in the Eastern Hemisphere formed during the extraterrestrial violence to have survived in its original state post-war. Dr. Crain published additional letters during the war, all of which are on file at the University of South Australia.

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Info. Report: Church of God's Righteous Vengeance

AIR Information Report on:
The Church of God’s Righteous Vengeance (CoGRV)

Date: 5-30-2022

Report complied by AIR agent J.E. Johnson


Main HQ: Hooker, OK
Branches in: Clarksdale, MS. Osborn, KS. Loving, NM. Lubbock, TX. Vernal, UT.

Report on CoGRV history

In the months following the invasion, a cult known to its members as the Church of God’s Righteous Vengeance was formed in Hooker, Oklahoma. This group, also known as the CoGRV, attracted approximately 15,000 to 25,000 people from the central and southern United States.  They are currently the largest organized civilian settlement what remains of North America. While the group’s largest congregation remains in OK; it has also established branches in MS, KS, TX, UT, and NM.

 The majority of church members were individuals who had lost most or many family and acquaintances during the attacks.  The church grew to power during the drought of the summer of 2017.  The founding members had managed to secure access to large stores of food and requited members in exchange for providing food, shelter and water.

The tenets of this faith are based loosely on Christianity (specifically the book of Revelations), but are in no way affiliated or acknowledged by the Christian church or any sect of them.  The CoGRV believes that God sent “demons” to attack humanity in retribution for sins.  They believe that those who died deserved to be killed and that all rebuilding efforts are an affront to God’s plan. 

The CoGRV believe that it is their mission to “finish” what the extraterrestrial combatants started.  They have formed a militia and continue to attack civilian and aid personnel in an effort to halt the rebuilding effort.  The CoGRV have refused multiple attempts by AIR to establish contact or come to a peace agreement.  The CoGRV asserts that it is an independent country based on its religious tenets. While AIR maintains its stance of global religious freedom, the CoGRV is considered an enemy to the mission of global reunification due to the numerous violent attacks it has conducted.

The CoGRV is led by two individuals known as Father Harlan “Hank” Engald and Sister Nancy Phillips.   Harlan Engald is a 58 year old male who claims to be a prophet sent from God to lead the worthy in ridding the planet of nonbelievers. Engald is referred to as “The Beacon” by members of the CoGRV.  Prior to invasion, Harlan Engald was unemployed and had a criminal history of multiple counts of domestic abuse to his common law wife, Patty Engald (Deceased), multiple arrests due to drug and alcohol charges, petty theft and larceny charges, aggravated assault charges and  one count of sexual assault to a minor.  Engald was incarcerated at the time of attacks and was released in 2017 along with the rest of prison populations when it was determined that local officials could no longer attend to inmates. Engald claims to be all knowing and is seen as both holy and immortal by members of the CoGRV.

“Mother” Nancy Phillips is a 43 year old female.  Phillips is rumored to be romantically involved with Engald, but this is denied by both parties.  Prior to the Invasion, Phillips was a Home Economics Instructor at Hooker High School.  She has been married and divorced three times and is the mother to Donald Phillips (Pastor of CoGRV Kansas branch). Phillips is a self-proclaimed “antifeminist” and leads the Women’s Atonement Circle which is aimed at reeducating women on what the CoGRV claims is their “traditional role as wives and mothers”.

The Threat of the CoGRV:

AIR has deemed the CoGRV to be a threat to international reunification.  The CoGRV has formed a militia which has been used on at least 23 occasions to attack emergency medical centers, civilian gathering places and resettlement camps.  The militia is well supplied with guns, ammunition, and claims to have access to biological weapons. It is assumed that the CoGRV is supplied by foraging weapons and ammunitions from abandoned retail locations and personal homes.  

Reports indicate that the CoGRV kill or imprison civilians that refuse to convert to or assimilate with the group.  Women and members of minority races are said to be at greater risk.  It is estimated at this time that the CoGRV is responsible for over 8000 to 10,000 deaths.

Reports indicate that the church is engaged in the trafficking of underage girls.  The CoGRV is rumored to force marriage to older men on girls as young as 14.  This is said to be a problem in Oklahoma and Kansas in particular.  OK and KS are also said to be the most violent branches of the church.

The Utah division of the church seems to be the most willing to speak with members of AIR.  This division is said to be the most removed from the other divisions.  AIR agents should focus on this group in attempts to learn more about the CoGRV.

Individuals of Interest:

Harlan “Hank” Engald, age 58– Leader of CoGRV, AKA - Father Engald, known to CoGRV members as “The Beacon” or “The Chosen Son”

Nancy Phillips, age 43 – Head of CoGRV Women’s Atonement Circle,

Donald Phillips, age 27– Pastor of CoGRV KS Branch, son of Nancy Phillips

Albert Young, age 31 – Pastor of CoGRV MS branch

Sherman Hertch, age 24 – Pastor of CoGRV TX branch

Douglas Mercer, age 44- Pastor of CoGRV NM branch

Clive Henderson, age 36 – Pastor of CoGRV UT branch

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Svalbard Global Seed Vault, A. Helminen

[Vault Log 16022017 - Audio recording single channel 44khz 16bit]

[Text Transcript of Audio log decoded from electronic handheld device.]

[Subject identified as Agnes Helminen Phd. - Duty Spermologist.]

[Location : Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Spitsbergen, Norway]

[Time stamp, 14:45 - 16.02.2017]

Mika still hasn't returned from his trip to Longyearbyen to get our lunch. I'm starting to get a little hungry. If he wasn't so damned cute I'd probably be mad.

Just finished cataloging the new deposit from the South African Development Community delegation. Nordgen better bump me up to a higher pay grade for all the overtime I'm doing.

[Time stamp, 16:20 - 16.02.2017]

I think something serious has happened. There was a major earthquake about an hour ago. I've  never experienced anything quite like it. The vault is still shaking from aftershocks...[loud cracking sound and some scrabbling noises]...sorry, that was a big one, just dropped my... ah, my phone.

It looks like grid power to the vault has been lost. The generators kicked in after the first shock. They're still running now so I'm assuming mains power hasn't come back online. The seed storage refrigeration systems have gone offline. It shouldn't be a problem, the permafrost surrounding the vault should keep the temperature sub zero. All comm systems appear to have been disabled. It's weird, all the systems are functioning but I just can't get an outside connection. Nordgen control is offline and I can't get a signal on my phone either.

To be honest...I'm, ah, I'm more worried about my own situation. I've checked and it looks like the quake has sealed me in to the vault. Both the main entrance and the escape hatch have been blocked, I'm guessing by rock fall. Mika never came back, I hope he's ok and lets the folks at Nordgen know I'm still in here. There's enough fuel in the generators for a day or two of power at best. Once the power goes the air circulation and heating systems will shut down and...ah, well...I'll be fucked.

[Time Stamp, 09.59 - 17.02.2017]

 Still no sign of mains power coming back online. I've spent some time tinkering on the main workstation and I've managed to get myself logged in with administrator privileges. The Nordgen network is still down but I managed to get connected to the open web. Not much is online and the connection is intermittent at best but I've managed connect to a site in Sweden called the pirate bay. An admin has managed to somehow keep a server online and has been hosting a forum and chat-room.

 Users on the site are saying all sorts of strange things about what is going on. A user in the U.S. [United States of America] MidKnightSon, claims that there has been a nuclear attack by the Chinese [The People's Republic of China]. He says he is a silver miner working Greens Creek Mine in Alaska and was underground when the bombs hit. He and some of his colleagues went above ground to take a look and apparently the whole area is a wasteland. He said it was like 'hell on earth'. They went back into the mine and are now suffering from radiation exposure. He thinks that they will survive as they weren't exposed for very long but they are all vomiting and slightly feverish.

 I'm not sure how he has a connection to the web and I'm also not sure how he knows that it was the Chinese. He doesn't mention seeing anything specific that would indicate that this was the case. It's also contradicted by another user from Ulan Bator [Capital city of Mongolia].

This user SunWu, claims to be working for the Chinese embassy. He was doing Sys-admin maintenance on their data-centre which is located in a bunker below the embassy building. He had a direct connection to the Chinese Ministry of National Defense network in Taipai [Capital City of the Republic of China] and managed to grab an unsecured communication. He attached a screenshot of the message and a translation. Unfortunately he only translated the first line.

[image attachment]

身份不明的飞船 - unidentified spaceship

[image attachment]

He claims that the connection was lost minutes after that message came through. He also says that twenty minutes after that, the quake hit. As far as he knows, China and Mongolia have been completely wiped off the map. I tried asking him to translate the rest of the message but he hasn't come back online for a few hours now. I guess he was running on backup power like me and ran out of fuel. Speaking of which, I've got about four hours of juice left which...I guess...well ah, I guess that means this is my epitaph.

Fuck you aliens!

[Time Stamp, 13.30 - 17.02.2017]

The generators have stopped. It's so weird, I had grown so used to the sound that I wasn't prepared for how quite it would be in here. The lights are out too. It's so dark now. The only light I have is my phone's screen and the battery is in the red.

I hope someone comes to rescue me soon, I don't think I'm going to have air for much longer.

I'm scared. I can't die in this fucking place! I wasn't even supposed to be here...

[long period of silence punctuated by heavy breathing and crying], dad, if you're still alive, I love you guys. I love you so m...

 [recording ends]

About the Author: If you are interested in reading more works by Bryn Jones see his gravator profile at or check out his blog at

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Pre-apocalypse Evidence

AIR is requesting that anyone who has stories or documentation about contact with alien life forms prior to the 2017 attacks please contact an AIR agent at

For those interested in learning more about human and alien contact prior to the attacks on 2017, please see "Pre-apocalypse Evidence" link on the right sidebar.

AIR is still concerned mainly with the evidence of what happened in the years between 2017 and 2023, but we are now collecting information of pre-invasion contact as well.

The Personal Journal of Johann Von Verruckt

This incomplete set of documents was found in a buried time capsule at the former site of the Berlin wall on June 13th, 2022. Translation from German to English done by the council for foreign affairs of A.I.R.

May 26th, 2019

8:00 p.m.

Entry 1

A small pocket of resistance in the foothills of West Berlin have captured of one of the celestial creatures and brought it to my underground, makeshift laboratory. I hesitate to call this creature ‘alien’ because to do so would be an insult to their very existence. What’s more, the resistance fighters have brought the celestial creature—herein named Sam19—to us ALIVE and unharmed. Oh, how the fates have smiled on our endeavor! Sam19 transcends all preconceived notions of what we originally thought these celestial beings to look like; the almond shaped head and eyes with frail bodies, HA! What an obscenely narrow-minded race of beings we are!

Though humanoid in its appearance, Sam19 retains certain qualities that Charles Darwin would be astonished to see and eager to study as these qualities only work to quantify his theories on evolutionary development. Imagine what we can learn about ourselves from these celestial creatures. In the 36 hours since I have obtained Sam19, I have already learned enough to fill an innumerable amount of notebooks.

 Sam19 communicates in a way that I can only describe as unmistakably ethereal. It is not telepathy by any means. It is more…vibrations of a sort that seem to be channeled from the universe herself. Sam19 is neither male nor female. This is a theory that resonates throughout the halls of religion and myth, angels, demons, and all manner of otherworldly beings.

 Sam19 expresses that reproduction is an obsolete notion among its species. Instead, there is a fusion of consciousness that creates new life. And to think, we’ve only just scraped the surface of what knowledge lay in wait. Sam19 also has expressed an affinity for strawberry milkshakes of all things. The heart of the matter still lies in the question of why these celestial creatures attacked and nearly decimated our world and why Sam19 has decided to be more than cooperative.

 I could speculate on whether or not he truly is being cooperative, but the truth is I still do not know. When trying to convey to Sam19 that I could not acquire a strawberry milkshake due to the havoc his species wreaked on this world, the celestial creature became undeniably confused; almost as though it did not understand the concept of destruction and death. Of course, the resistance fighters are pressuring me for answers in regards to these creatures weaknesses and other pertinent information to the survival of the human race—such is the military minded.

 I then pose the question, “How do I ask a creature that does not seem to comprehend death, a way in which to kill itself?”


About the Author: This piece was written by Ryan Stahl. For more short stories and writting by this author, please visit

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Amelia Juarez, Bonita Springs FL

            I am going to try and right my story but don’t be surprised if it isn’t done vary well. I only went to school until 5th grade.  I was 10 then and I am 15 now.

            When I was 11, I was at school one day when the fire alarms starting going off.  The principle said on the loud speaker that everyone had to go to the gym and that there wasn’t a fire and we were having a lockdown.  Mr. Bradley, my teacher, told us if we had our phones to take them with and we got in a line and walked to the gym.  No one knew what was happening and some of the teachers and kids were crying.

            When we got to the gym we all sat in the bleachars waiting for them to say what was wrong.  Nobody knew there were aliens yet but they said that there were all kinds of fires in Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville.  My mom and dad worked in Miami and I tried to call them but my phone didn’t work.

            My sister Kassie also tried to call them and our grandma but her phone didn’t work either. Kassie was at school with me because she was in grade 10 at the same school. We never found our mom and dad or our grandma after that one horrible day.

            After a while at the school some people’s parents came to pick them up.  Also a lot of teachers were leaving to find there kids and wives or husbands so after a few hours there weren’t very many kids or teachers there.

            Kassie and I ended up going home with Bill and Todd Wilson who were our neighbors. There mom said she cheeked our house and no one was there and we would spend the night at there house.  We drove to there house and ate dinner but Kassie and I were crying all the time because we wanted our mom and dad.   It was very scary because that was the first night with no lights and we had to stay quite because all the people were screaming in the streets.

            After that night, somebody who works with my dad told Mrs. Wilson that our mom and dad and all the people in Miami were probably dead.  We were very sad and cried a lot when we found that out.  Until then we had thought that they would be home any second.

            It was very crowded at the Wilson’s so one night Kassie and I snuk out and went to our house.  It was very dark and smelled bad because the fish were all dead in there water.  We took our stuff and put it in bags with pictures of mom and dad and desided that we should try and go to Bonita Springs to find my Aunt Shelby.  We started walking and some lady told us to go back home because it wasn’t safe.  Kassie told me to hide in the woods until it was day time and she was awake all night to make sure no one came.

            In the morning we walked and walked and then we found an empty car on the road and there was a guy with gun dead by it.  Kassie told me not to look and to get into the car and shut my eyes.  She went over to the drivers side and got in.  Kassie found the key in the car already and turned it on.  I was vary surprised because Kassie was only 15 then and did not have a lisents yet but she said that the polese were to busy fighting the aliens to worry about a lisents.

            Kassie already new how to drive a little because my dad was teaching her before.  We drove to my aunt Shelby’s house and started to cry when we got there because she was there and we were so happy she was ok.  She had heard that everyone from where we were died and she wasn’t sure where to look for us because someone had cheeked our house for her and told her it was empty.  She was very sad that her brother who was my dad was not alive but we were happy to be together. 

            We lived with Aunt Shelby after that.  There were many scary times like the time that we saw her poodle, Mimi, get eaten by one of those aliens right in our yard.  The alien was very scary and we hid under the table.  It came by the window and licked the glass with its black tongue and its eyes were red.  We were sure it was going to break the glass and kill us but then Uncle Joey, who we didn’t know yet, came out of his house next door and shot it and it flew away.  The house was empty before that and Joey was just there looking for water.  After that he came to live with us and fell in love with Aunt Shelby and then was our uncle.

            Uncle Joey went to the school one day and took a lot of old books and brought them to the house.  Aunt Shelby had tried to teach us all the things we needed to know but was too afraid to leave the house accept for food so she never thought to get books.  Now everyday we have school here with Jill and Carmen and Alex who live by us.  It is hard after so long but I am starting to remember how to do math and I like to read.

            Someday soon I hope we have real schools again.  I would like to be a doctor or a teacher someday so I hope I can learn everything to do that.  Kassie says she wants to be a dancer.  She was a vary good dancer before the aliens but only can dance by herself in the attick now. I hope that someday everything would be like before again.

Date Retreived: 12-4-2022
Date Written: 12-3-2022

Location: Bonita Springs, Florida. 

Other Notes: This essay is part of the AIR Emergency Education Project, which is attempting to collect information on how children were affected by the crisis and how local communities are educating their children with no public education available.

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Dr. C.E. Crain, Letter no.1 from U of S. Aus. Archives, CWR

9 March 2017

My name is Dr. Colton Edward Crain, professor of world history at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. While I traditionally spend the majority of my time writing more traditional academic works, the events of the last two days are significant enough in my eyes that I feel they warrant a personal retelling to pass on to future generations (if any exist). To those who may be reading this in the future, I sincerely apologize for the unprofessional form of prose this retelling may take, however I feel it is truly necessary to capture the moment in time in which I currently exist. While I do reside in the Salt Lake City area while working for the University of Utah, I am currently on a sabbatical at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Around 10:05pm local time in Adelaide (approximately 4:35am Mountain Standard Time), I was sitting with a group of my colleagues at a bar in the hotel the university had so graciously put me up in. One of the televisions in the bar was streaming the BBC, which had switched from discussing El Clasico to live footage of an explosion that had taken place on the north side of London. Eyewitnesses in the area reckoned it to a bomb exploding, though nothing had ever appeared out of the sky. A street reporter standing outside of Parliament was interviewing a young college student when a second explosion in the background blew both of them off their feet, taking the camera feed with it shortly after.

By this point, everyone in the hotel lobby had crowded into the bar, all eyes fixated on the five television sets that lined the back wall of the bar. The two barmaids were frantically flipping stations back and forth, hoping to catch a live feed of something. Al-Jazeera English came on the screen with a live camera shot from a helicopter flying over Lisbon, Portugal. The city was ablaze, though the fires burning on the ground didn't create the smoke a typical fire would. As the helicopter climbed altitude, it was evident that this series of fires was in a bull's eye pattern, with the center fire being the largest in diameter, followed by three concentric rings of flame radiating out from the center. A man from the far end of the room shouted that news stations from Berlin, Shanghai, Cairo, and Kyoto were all reporting similar occurrences.

We were able to gather that whatever was going on had begun at 9:52pm Adelaide time. Even with as instantaneous as news travels these days (I learned about Lindsey Lohan's death three minutes before police arrived on the scene of her car accident, despite being half a world away), it took nearly 13 minutes for any news organization to catch on to the events transpiring around us. News alerts flooded to my phone, the initial locations reading like a who's who of the world's most prominent cities: London, Paris, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, and New York City all hit with inexplicable explosions and fire at or around 9:52pm. The secondary round of alerts provided a much more grim look at the true scope of what was going on. Manhattan Island was surrounded by a ring of fire, cut off from the rest of the boroughs. The fire was even burning on top of the water, making escape via that alternative impossible.

I began texting back and forth with my wife, Gabrielle, who was still at our home in Salt Lake City. She told me that all was still well there, though she was watching San Francisco burn to the ground on television. Our two daughters, Liz (age 8) and Alana (age 5), were tucked in bed safely asleep, though my dear Gabrielle couldn't sleep as our third daughter, Collette, was kicking away at the inside of her womb. I assured her that I was in good health, as she did the same for me, and I recommended that she keep the girls home from school tomorrow, or at the very least until we knew what was going on.

I walked out to the hotel's lobby to call Gabrielle, only to thrust across the room and into the opposite wall by an explosion that decimated the east side of the hotel. Though I don't remember leaving the hotel, I strongly recall turning back and seeing that the bar I had been seated in only minutes prior. I vaguely recall stumbling past Rundle Mall's Balls before I eventually ended up at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the location from which I'm currently penning this item. As far as I am aware, all forms of communication, both with the outside world, as well as with other parts of Australia have been lost at this time. I managed to type up an email to Gabrielle on my phone, saving it to send at the first moment where I'm able to find cellular signal or internet. From my bed, I watch as the fires rage on, slowly burning concentric rings into Adelaide, though they never appear to move closer to the hospital. It is my hope that I can continue to take note of what is going on during what appears to be a very dark time in our world, however if this is my last time speaking to you, I wish you all the best of luck.

Date Retreived: 1-1-2023
Date Written: 3-9-2017

Location: This writing is part of a series of letters on file at the University of South Australia in Adelaide. While it is not the only personal retelling of the events surrounding 3-7-2017 to exist, Dr. Crain's work is by far the most well known in the new Commonwealth Republic.

Other Notes: The Commonwealth Republic was formed 10-16-2018 by the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand as a united front against the alien invaders. It was the only coalition in the Eastern Hemisphere formed during the extraterrestrial violence to have survived in its original state post-war. Dr. Crain published additional letters during the war, all of which are on file at the University of South Australia.

About the Author: See more writing by Tim B. at

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Questionnaire- Kaleb Zaremba

Questionnaire for Survivors of the Attacks

Kaleb Zaremba

1.)    Please list your age, sex, nationality and approximate location.

39, M, Belarus, Pinsk

2.)    How old were you on March 7, 2017 (Day of Invasion)?


3.)    Where did you spend the years from 2017 to 2022?

I was part of the Eastern European opposition front. We started the fight in Belarus and then proceeded to attack Paris, it was DEVASTATAED.  We reclaimed a big chunk of the city and liberated a lot of people from occupied zones. We were there for most of the invasion, living in the outskirts of the city.   By 2020, we had managed to not only clear a large area, but even got a power plant running again.  It was one of the first places that had electricity back. 

4.)    How many individuals were you with during these years?

It was just a couple of us at first.  By the time we reached France, there were hundreds of soldiers and probably ten times as many civilians. They were so desperate for some kind of leader, some kind of semblance of society, that it was pretty easy to organize.

5.)    How did you meet basic necessities like food and clean water?

We scavenged as we went. Some days we hunted or picked food, there were so many abandoned farms that year it was pretty easy to find food.  After we got into France, it was more populated so we ransacked shops and abandoned houses.  Once things got more organized, we set up farming units outside the city.

6.)    Did you witness any of the attacks personally?

Too many.
A.)  If Yes:

i.)                  Can you describe what the invaders looked like?

I’ve been asked this question more times than I can remember.  The only answer I can give is I don’t know.  To me, they seemed tall, oily…formless like a shadow but somehow…greasy.  My partner though? He said they looked reptilian, all scales and claws.  Others have said that they look just like the aliens from the movies – big eyes, oval heads.  I don’t think anyone REALLY sees them, if that makes any sense.  I think that they make you see what you fear…or maybe what you expect to see. 

ii.)                At what time did you first see the invaders?

I didn’t see one until about a week after the first attacks.  I was holed up in my cousin’s farm outside of Pinsk when we heard crashing in the woods.  All of a sudden a pack of them started racing across the yard.  I don’t know if they didn’t know we were inside the house, or just didn’t care.  There were a few kids with us then, so I thank god that they didn’t attack.  But it was then that I knew I was going to leave and find some way to fight them.  After actually seeing them, knowing what they had done to my town, my family…hell, the whole world, the only thing I wanted was to kill as many of them as possible. I helped my cousin and his family gather food and weapons and left a few days later.

iii.)              Did the invaders attempt to communicate with you?

I know some other’s experienced that, but not me.

iv.)              Did the invaders attempt to harm you or others near you?

Every time we saw one.

B.)   If No:

i.)                  How did you learn of the attacks?

ii.)                At what time did you learn of the attacks?

iii.)              What was your reaction to learning of the attacks?

iv.)              What did you do after you learned of the attacks?

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David Mueller - Questionnaire

Questionnaire for Survivors of the Attacks

Please include with this form your name and a website address where you can be contacted

My name is David Mueller.  I don’t have a website.

1.)    Please list your age, sex, nationality and approximate location.

32, M, American, Denver

2.)    How old were you on March 7, 2017 (Day of Invasion)?


3.)    Where did you spend the years from 2017 to 2022?

I left Denver a few days after the attacks when everything was going crazy.  We got out of town and went to a friend’s cabin in the mountains.

4.)    How many individuals were you with during these years?

I was with my friends, a couple Sarah and Aaron and their son Scottie.  My girlfriend Jessie was there and our dog Bruno. Then after we had lived there two years Jessie had our daughter, Gwen. Sarah helped her deliver but it was really scary.  They were both healthy.

5.)    How did you meet basic necessities like food and clean water?

There was a stream nearby that we used, we had to boil the water and got sick a few times but never really bad.  There was some canned food in the cabin, canned goods and stuff like oatmeal in case they ever got stuck there during a storm and we had loaded up as much food as we could find before we left.  That stuff went pretty quick. After that we hunted a lot and would make trips back to towns around there to scavenge stuff.  Then after we were there three years, one of the armies set up a base by Denver and the red cross helped us out a few times.

6.)    Did you witness any of the attacks personally?

No, but I saw some of the explosions and missiles and stuff flying by.

A.)  If Yes:

i.)                  Can you describe what the invaders looked like?

ii.)                At what time did you first see the invaders?

iii.)              Did the invaders attempt to communicate with you?

iv.)              Did the invaders attempt to harm you or others near you?

B.)   If No:

i.)                  How did you learn of the attacks?

Jess was a bartender at the time, and she came home screaming and woke me up to tell me about it.  She hadn’t seen them herself, but the whole city was going crazy.

ii.)                At what time did you learn of the attacks?

I don’t remember. it was nighttime thought.

iii.)              What was your reaction to learning of the attacks?

I didn’t believe it at first.  I mean, no one did right? I thought it was terrorism or something…aliens never even crossed my mind. I was really scared for my family, my parents and my brother.  They live in Utah and all the phones were down so I couldn’t reach them.

iv.)              What did you do after you learned of the attacks?

First I tried to reach my family.  I never got to talk to them.  Their town was one of the ones hit by one of those crawler bombs.  I hate those fucking monsters for what they did.  I wish Gwen could have know her grandparents and her uncle.  She would have loved them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Missing/ Megan Walsch



DEBBIE MARLOW – 48, female. 5’6, approx. 160lbs, Caucasian, brown hair, brown eyes.  Last seen wearing red hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

DAN JACOBS – 22, m. 6’2 approx. 210 lbs.  Caucasian, red hair, green eyes.  Last seen wearing gray parka and blue jeans.

 MISTY, RYAN and DYLAN ANDERSON- 32, f. 14, m and 9,m.  Mother and two sons missing. MISTY is 5’3, 122 lbs. Asian, black hair, brown eyes. Last seen wearing white tee shirt, purple running pants.  RYAN is 5’6, 125 lbs, Mixed race: Caucasian and Asian. black hair, brown eyes.  Last seen wearing Vikings Jersey and jeans.  DYLAN is 4’10, 87lbs. Mixed race: Caucasian and Asian, brown hair and brown eyes.  Last seen wearing blue shirt and red sweatpants.  THE THREE WERE LAST SEEN TOGETHER IN THE VICINITY OF THE CROWN’S PEAK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

 SANDY WOODSON – THIS INDIVIDUAL IS DEAF, IF SEEN PLEASE APPROACH SO THAT SHE CAN SEE YOU AND DO NOT JUST ATTEMPT TO SPEAK TO HER. 16, f.  5’8, 155 lbs. African American. Brown hair, brown eyes.  Last seen wearing Green Parka and black leggings. 

 ANDREW CRAMER- 63, m. 5’7, 148 lbs. Caucasian, gray hair and blue eyes.  Last seen wearing blue pajama bottoms and white tee shirt.  This individual is wheelchair bound and was last seen in the home of his daughter. 

 MEGAN WALSCH – 3 months, f.  13 lbs, 22in.  Caucasian, Blond Hair, blue eyes.  Last seen wearing a pink sleeper.  Last seen in crib in parents bedroom.


Date Retrieved: 11-29-2022
Date Written: ?-?-2017
Location Found: Flier posted in abandoned gas station bulletin board in Crown's Peak, Minnesota. There were no replies to this notice.
Other Notes: No Further Information is available on any of the individuals mentioned in this flier EXCEPT for Megan Walsch.  Megan was reported missing on 3-8-2017 and found by parents on 6-8-2017.  Megan's parents reported hearing cries coming from the attic where they had stored their daughter's crib.  When attic was investigated, Megan was found in good health, wearing nothing but a diaper in her crib.  Megan, who is at this time 4 years old, remembers nothing of the time she went missing, she is in good health and has no odd or unusual behaviors.

Saturday, February 11, 2012



Globe under Attack by Unknown Forces.

8pm 3/7/2017

Information is at this time limited, but it has become clear in the last hour that multiple attacks from unknown combatants have occurred around the world.  Citizens have reported lights in the sky, followed by explosions, a green gas in the air and multiple reports of missing people. 

Rolling blackouts have been reported world wide and the majority of national governments have made no report of what the danger is or who is to blame.  At this time, cell phone service is limited, satellite signals are impaired and many multinational websites have gone dark.

CCN News will be updating viewers as soon as information becomes available.

Citizens are urged to remain in the home. Shut off all lights and lock doors.  Do not try and locate family members.  If you are not at home, do not attempt to travel and instead find a safe place to wait until more news is available.   

Date Retrieved: 4-2-2024

Date Written: 8pm 3-7-2017

Location Found: CCN News website’s last article posted.  Written and posted in the first hours of the attack.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Text Messege Conversation. M.L. & S.L.

Mandy- "Sam? something is wrong here.  Please call ASAP!" Message Sent 2:55pm

Mandy- "CALL ME! EMERGENCY!" Message Sent 3:14pm

Mandy- "CALL ASAP I'm so scared. Please call.  I love you" Message Sent 3:45 pm

Mandy - "Sam please answer me im so scared pls answer i love you i'm so scared" Message Sent 4:32pm

Mandy- “Are you ok? I’m so scared. Everything here is going crazy, please tell me u r ok!” Message Sent 6:13 pm

Sam- “I love you, I just got service on my phone.  Is Trevor with you? Please tell me you guys are ok. I love you so much.  I am hiding with some other truckers in a gas station freezer outside of town.  Tell me where you are and I will find you.” Message Sent 6:21 pm

Mandy- (Message 1 of 2)“I love you so much.  I just tried to call you but can’t get enough service.   I am in the basement of the Catholic church downtown, but you can’t come here.  I think we are safe for right now, but we can here them on the streets and so many people are screaming.  Please stay where you are. I tried -”

Mandy- (Message 2 of 2) “-to find Trevor when this all started.  They weren’t in the school.   No 1 was in the school.  There was a teacher on the lawn, she said someone had taken the kids on a bus somewhere. I don’t know where he is.  She didn’t know where they went.  I don’t know where r baby is.” Message Sent 6:25 pm

Sam- “Did he have his phone.” Message Sent 6:27 pm

 Mandy- “yes. I think so. I don’t know.  He isn’t answering.  Do u think he is ok? Oh god my baby is out there somewhere.  Sam, I want to be with you.  I want this to be not happening.  Y is this happening? What are those things? Where is he?” Message Sent 6:30 pm

 Sam- “Baby, I love you and we will find each other and find Trevor.  You need to calm down.  I know you are scared, we’re all scared, but you need to be calm.  How many r with u?” Message Sent 6:32 pm

 Mandy- “Seven of us.  There are two other moms that were looking for their kids 2 and some other ppl.  I don’t know.  I’m so sorry.  I’m so sorry.  If you find Trevor before I do tell him that Mommy loves so much.” Message Sent 6:35pm

 Sam- “We will tell him together that mommy and daddy both love him so much.” Message Sent 6:34

 Mandy – “Something is at the door.  Oh god, Sam it’s scratching at the door. Oh god oh god I love you sam I love you Trevor I love you so much” Message Sent 6:38 pm

Sam- “WHATS HAPPENING?” Message Sent 6:39 pm

Sam – “Mandy? R u ok?” Message Sent 6:39 pm

Sam – “Mandy? R u ok?” Message Sent 6:40 pm

Sam – “Mandy? R u ok?” Message Sent 6:41 pm

Sam – “Mandy? R u ok?” Message Sent 642 pm

Sam – “Mandy? R u ok?” Message Sent 6:42 pm

Date Retrieved: 9-15-2021
Date Written: 3-7-2017 (Day of Invasion.)
Location Found: Messages retrieved from cellular phone found in St. Lucia’s basement.  1809 WaterLoo Ave., San Diego, CA

Other Notes: Writers are assumed to be Amanda and Samuel Larren. No further information is available on A., S., or child referenced in text.  Remains of 6 adults; 4f & 2m, found at site. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Letter. CMA to RJA.


I am writing this letter on what I think is September 26th or 27th. I am not sure if you will find this, but if you do, Mom and I are going to try and make it up to the lake house. Those things seem to congregate in cities, so we are sticking to the back roads.  Come up there as soon as you can.  I hate the thought of you making it all the way across the country just to find an empty house, but I’m too scared of being trapped in the middle of town all winter. I’m so sorry for leaving. I wish that we could find you.  I wish that we knew whether or not you were ok. 

Here is what we do know.  Dad didn’t make it.  I hate that you might read those words by yourself in our empty house.  He didn’t get captured by those horrible things, for that at least I’m thankful.  What happened still seems unreal, but his truck slid off the road when he was driving out to Will’s to see if they made it (the house was empty, but no bodies so hopefully they made it somewhere safe).  It seems almost like a joke, some twisted, fucked up joke.  The world is being taken over by those walking nightmares from outer space, and it was ice that killed him.  At least he doesn’t have to see the world the way it is now, everyone hiding…creeping out in the middle of the night to forage…he wouldn’t have wanted to live this way.  Hell, none of us want to live this way.

Aunt Janie and Uncle Pete probably died when the siege hit Chicago.  The last we heard from them was that they were trying to make it out of the city during the night when it was easier to hide.  Everyone we’ve met has said that it is pretty much a burned out ruin now; so we gave up hope on them awhile ago.  As I’m sure you can guess, Mom isn’t taking the news about Janie very well. She’s really hoping that Bridget somehow made it through though, and that you guys managed to find each other. If you are with her, tell her I’m sorry about her parents. And tell her that I love her.  And I love you too.

I can’t give up that we’ll all be together soon.  That is really the only thing keeping me going.  If you did make it to the house, DO NOT try to stock up on food or fuel around here.   There’s a whole nest of those monsters at Donage’s grocery store and Blain Jankowski was ripped apart in the parking lot Phil’s auto, so that whole side of town should be avoided.  We left some cans of vegetables in the basement.  Mom made sure that there wasn’t any cans of peas because, as she says, “he never did like those.” Haha, I love that it is the apocalypse and Mom thinks that you are still going to be picky about what you eat. 

I miss you, Robbie.  And I am so scared.  Please find us, please.  I love you. 



Date Retrieved: 11-02-2038
Date Written: 9- 2?-201? (Estimated 2018, 1 year P.I.)

Location Found: Private Home, Taped to Kitchen table.  423 Marietta Street, Crivitz, WI

Other Notes: House was found in good condition with no animal/human/alien occupants. It is assumed that communication did not reach recipiant.  From papers found in home (see indexed file A62H) writer is assumed to be Claire Marie Anderson, (D.O.B. 12-5-2002) writing to older brother Robert James Anderson (D.O.B. 5-18-1994).  Records indicate that R.J.A. was reported MIA from the CA people's resistance in 11/2017 following first major attack.  Presumed dead.  Further information on C.M.A. unavailable.