Saturday, February 18, 2012

David Mueller - Questionnaire

Questionnaire for Survivors of the Attacks

Please include with this form your name and a website address where you can be contacted

My name is David Mueller.  I don’t have a website.

1.)    Please list your age, sex, nationality and approximate location.

32, M, American, Denver

2.)    How old were you on March 7, 2017 (Day of Invasion)?


3.)    Where did you spend the years from 2017 to 2022?

I left Denver a few days after the attacks when everything was going crazy.  We got out of town and went to a friend’s cabin in the mountains.

4.)    How many individuals were you with during these years?

I was with my friends, a couple Sarah and Aaron and their son Scottie.  My girlfriend Jessie was there and our dog Bruno. Then after we had lived there two years Jessie had our daughter, Gwen. Sarah helped her deliver but it was really scary.  They were both healthy.

5.)    How did you meet basic necessities like food and clean water?

There was a stream nearby that we used, we had to boil the water and got sick a few times but never really bad.  There was some canned food in the cabin, canned goods and stuff like oatmeal in case they ever got stuck there during a storm and we had loaded up as much food as we could find before we left.  That stuff went pretty quick. After that we hunted a lot and would make trips back to towns around there to scavenge stuff.  Then after we were there three years, one of the armies set up a base by Denver and the red cross helped us out a few times.

6.)    Did you witness any of the attacks personally?

No, but I saw some of the explosions and missiles and stuff flying by.

A.)  If Yes:

i.)                  Can you describe what the invaders looked like?

ii.)                At what time did you first see the invaders?

iii.)              Did the invaders attempt to communicate with you?

iv.)              Did the invaders attempt to harm you or others near you?

B.)   If No:

i.)                  How did you learn of the attacks?

Jess was a bartender at the time, and she came home screaming and woke me up to tell me about it.  She hadn’t seen them herself, but the whole city was going crazy.

ii.)                At what time did you learn of the attacks?

I don’t remember. it was nighttime thought.

iii.)              What was your reaction to learning of the attacks?

I didn’t believe it at first.  I mean, no one did right? I thought it was terrorism or something…aliens never even crossed my mind. I was really scared for my family, my parents and my brother.  They live in Utah and all the phones were down so I couldn’t reach them.

iv.)              What did you do after you learned of the attacks?

First I tried to reach my family.  I never got to talk to them.  Their town was one of the ones hit by one of those crawler bombs.  I hate those fucking monsters for what they did.  I wish Gwen could have know her grandparents and her uncle.  She would have loved them.

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