Thursday, February 9, 2012

Letter. CMA to RJA.


I am writing this letter on what I think is September 26th or 27th. I am not sure if you will find this, but if you do, Mom and I are going to try and make it up to the lake house. Those things seem to congregate in cities, so we are sticking to the back roads.  Come up there as soon as you can.  I hate the thought of you making it all the way across the country just to find an empty house, but I’m too scared of being trapped in the middle of town all winter. I’m so sorry for leaving. I wish that we could find you.  I wish that we knew whether or not you were ok. 

Here is what we do know.  Dad didn’t make it.  I hate that you might read those words by yourself in our empty house.  He didn’t get captured by those horrible things, for that at least I’m thankful.  What happened still seems unreal, but his truck slid off the road when he was driving out to Will’s to see if they made it (the house was empty, but no bodies so hopefully they made it somewhere safe).  It seems almost like a joke, some twisted, fucked up joke.  The world is being taken over by those walking nightmares from outer space, and it was ice that killed him.  At least he doesn’t have to see the world the way it is now, everyone hiding…creeping out in the middle of the night to forage…he wouldn’t have wanted to live this way.  Hell, none of us want to live this way.

Aunt Janie and Uncle Pete probably died when the siege hit Chicago.  The last we heard from them was that they were trying to make it out of the city during the night when it was easier to hide.  Everyone we’ve met has said that it is pretty much a burned out ruin now; so we gave up hope on them awhile ago.  As I’m sure you can guess, Mom isn’t taking the news about Janie very well. She’s really hoping that Bridget somehow made it through though, and that you guys managed to find each other. If you are with her, tell her I’m sorry about her parents. And tell her that I love her.  And I love you too.

I can’t give up that we’ll all be together soon.  That is really the only thing keeping me going.  If you did make it to the house, DO NOT try to stock up on food or fuel around here.   There’s a whole nest of those monsters at Donage’s grocery store and Blain Jankowski was ripped apart in the parking lot Phil’s auto, so that whole side of town should be avoided.  We left some cans of vegetables in the basement.  Mom made sure that there wasn’t any cans of peas because, as she says, “he never did like those.” Haha, I love that it is the apocalypse and Mom thinks that you are still going to be picky about what you eat. 

I miss you, Robbie.  And I am so scared.  Please find us, please.  I love you. 



Date Retrieved: 11-02-2038
Date Written: 9- 2?-201? (Estimated 2018, 1 year P.I.)

Location Found: Private Home, Taped to Kitchen table.  423 Marietta Street, Crivitz, WI

Other Notes: House was found in good condition with no animal/human/alien occupants. It is assumed that communication did not reach recipiant.  From papers found in home (see indexed file A62H) writer is assumed to be Claire Marie Anderson, (D.O.B. 12-5-2002) writing to older brother Robert James Anderson (D.O.B. 5-18-1994).  Records indicate that R.J.A. was reported MIA from the CA people's resistance in 11/2017 following first major attack.  Presumed dead.  Further information on C.M.A. unavailable.

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