Pre-apocalypse Evidence

From 2017 to 2022, Earth was attacked by an alien race and the human species was nearly annihilated.   March 7, 2017, commonly know as “invasion day”, was the first global sighting of an alien race…but it was not the first.
For years, humans have seen or experienced phenomenon that were otherworldly in nature: ufo sightings, abductions and multiple other events that were brushed off as either fiction or insanity.

We now know the truth and, if we had listened closer, we may have avoided those catastrophic years completely.

In an effort to learn more about the history of extraterrestrial events on this planet, AIR is now asking the public to share their stories of sightings or other contact with extraterrestrials. 

If you have a story that you would like to share, please email


E. Norby Interview on Pre-Apocalypse ET Contact

Subject: Elizabeth Norby

Date of Interview – 7-24-2023

Date of First ET Contact – 8-24-2012

Interview conducted by Agent J.E. Johnson, AIR Unit 29B

Other Notes:  Subject E. Norby contacted AIR on 3-8-2023 requesting an agent speak to her about pre-invasion occurrence.  Retrieved hospital records and interviews with subject’s parents corroborate that subject did sustain injuries on 8-24-2012.  Retrieved hospital records and interviews with subjects parents corroborate that subject did relay correlating story directly following the accident.

Part One – Invasion Day

            On March 7th? The day of invasion? The whole world was going crazy…no one could believe that not only did aliens exist, but that they were here and trying to take over Earth.  Not me though.  I mean, sure, I was scared.  Cities were exploding, electricity and phones and the internet weren’t working, I didn’t know if most the people I knew and loved were even alive. But surprised? No. I wasn’t surprised.  I’ve known that this was coming for years.

            I was 21 on the day that they attacked. At the time I was in college, the U of M in Duluth, and I was sitting in my dorm room playing on facebook instead of studying for this Calc midterm that I was pretty much sure I was going to fail.  I just logged out and was about to crack open my book when suddenly the whole building started to shake.  The power flickered for a second and then went out completely.  The emergency alarms in the dorm building started flashing red and bleating out electronic screams which were only a little bit louder than the screams of the kids living in the building. 

            I opened my door and was met with chaos.  The windows at either end of the hall had shattered and thick, tarry smoke was rolling in. The overhead lights were out, but everything was sporadically illuminated from the red strobe flashes of the emergency lights.  Some kids were running towards the exits, some yelled out questions to anyone that would listen and the rest just stood staring at everything in a dazed, unbelieving way.  I could hear yells coming from the elevator shaft, it sounded like it was stuck between floors and full of people. 

            At first I hoped it was some kind of natural disaster…you know, a tornado or an earthquake or something.  I would have even been relieved if it was some sort of attack from another country.  But I think I knew, even then, that the aliens had come back.

            If you ask somebody now whether or not they believe in aliens, they would look at you like you were crazy.  Of course they’re real, they almost killed us.  They turned us into cowering animals hiding in caves and basements while they ransacked our planet.  But ten years ago, the first time I saw them? Well back then everyone thought I was nuts.

            It was the year 2012 and I was 16.  It was summer and I had just gotten my license.  For the first time I could get off my parents’ farm and drive into town or cruise down deserted backstreets with the radio blaring and I didn’t have to explain to anyone what I was doing.  It was summer, I was 16 and I had freedom.

            That particular day I decided that I was going to drive to my best friend Audrey’s house.  Her parents had moved from the small town we had grown up in, Marinette, to Crystal Falls, an even smaller town in the Upper Peninsula.  It was all back roads and woods to get up there but my little cavalier got good mileage and the trip guaranteed me an hour and a half both ways of solitude and too loud music. 

            I had just pulled off hwy 141 onto this little back road that cut about 20 minutes off the trip.  It was also deserted so I knew I could set my own pace without having to worry about the blue and reds creeping up in my rearview mirror. 

            You always hear about abductions happening in the middle of the night.  Someone sees a strange light, they go out to investigate and suddenly they are beamed up to a flying saucer by those little bug eyed green dudes.  That isn’t how it happened with me.  I was driving along, enjoying how the sun looked streaming through the trees, wondering if Audrey had met any cute boys she could introduce me to from her new school when suddenly, everything just disappeared. 

            I know, I know.  That doesn’t make any sense.  Trust me I’ve heard that from my parents, my doctors, and the police…just about everyone that has heard my story.  But that’s what happened.  One second I was driving down the road and the next there was just…nothing.

Part Two – Interrogation

            I’ve tried so many times to explain what it was like to people, but I still haven’t found a way to convey quite right.  It was dark, but not like having the lights off, more like an absence.  The absence of everything.  I couldn’t tell where my body was, I couldn’t tell if I was inside or outside or even how big the area I was in was.  There wasn’t any sound or smells; I couldn’t even tell what the temperature was like.  The only thing that seemed to exist were my thoughts, my thoughts and a soundless voice asking me questions.

            At first I was too terrified to even sense the voice.  I say sense because I didn’t hear anything exactly…it was more like something was projecting towards me.  Like a second consciousness had slid into my brain and was carefully turning everything in my head over trying to figure out how it worked.

            My memories flashed before my eyes one at a time: birthdays, my first kiss, school, the time I saw my sister fall out of a tree and break her arm. 

All of them played one after another, in no particular order and the whole time the voice was asking, “Why?”

I didn’t know what it meant.  Why what? Why did I catch frogs in the pond by our house when I was a kid? Why did I fight with my mom over getting a cell phone? Why did I cry at my grandpa’s funeral? I tried to ask the voice the question, push my thoughts into it’s head like it was doing to me, but I got no response except the emotionless, soundless “Why?”

Then the memories started playing faster, they were more jumbled and not all of them were mine.  I would see myself at age 10 learning to ride my horse and suddenly it would cut to a memory of a family crossing the prairie.  I would see myself cheering at a Packer game with my dad and my older brother and suddenly the scene would shift to an Asian sweatshop.  The images tumbled together: African dancers, a woman crying in a Nazi concentration camp, a painter on a hill trying to capture a sunset, me running to my parents to show them I had lost my first tooth and the whole time, seeming to get more insistent with every repetition, the voice said “WHY?”

The memories were too much for me to handle; I felt like someone was trying to compress thousands of lifetimes into one moment.  I saw cities begin, grow and decay in the time it took to blink. I watched babies be born, grow old and whisper their last words on their deathbeds in seconds.   Wars were fought, temples were built, millions fell in love and out of love and in love again and through it all, with an intensity that seemed to shake the very nothingness that surrounded me, the voice called out, “WHY? WHY? WHY?”

            “I DON’T KNOW!”  I had no voice but I screamed it, in my head, with as much force as I could. “I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T KNOW! STOP! STOP STOP STOP!”

Part Three - After

            And, in the exact same way it had started, without any explanation, it stopped.  For a few brief seconds, I floated in the nothingness. The presence was still there but, thankfully, it was silent for a moment. 

            Before departing the voice said one last thing. Without passion or empathy or any emotion at all, it said, “Everything must have purpose.” And it was gone.

            I know it sounds crazy.  Like I said, I’ve been told I’m crazy a lot in the past few years, but that is what happened.  After the voice disappeared my brain seemed to just…shut off and I woke up a few days later in the hospital.

 My parents were there and I was pretty banged up.  According to the police officer who was called to the scene, my car had skidded off the road and hit a tree.  When they got to the car wreck, I was in a coma.  They weren’t sure how bad my brain was damaged or if I would ever wake up.  My parents were even told that they might want to consider taking me off life support when I had suddenly opened my eyes and started talking.

The doctors say that it is pretty common to have strange dreams and false memories when someone has a near death experience.  My parents refuse to listen when I try to tell them what happened and after I told the police I didn’t remember anything about the accident, they weren’t interested in anything else I had to say either.  A lot of people think that the blow to the head made me a little nutty, but I know the truth. 

Those things, those fucking monsters from outer space, knew about us long before they attacked.  My guess is that they were watching us from somewhere out there for quite a long time before they decided to crash the party.

  I wonder sometimes how many other people they tried to understand humans through.  How many others saw the history of humanity flash before their eyes before those monsters demanded an explanation for the entire human race?  I wonder sometimes what might be different if I could have thought of some answer, some good reason for that overbearing “Why? Why? WHY?”  Would they still have attacked? Would so many still be dead? 

Its no use wondering really, its not like you can change the past. But if I ever had the chance to talk to one of them, after damning them to hell and telling them they were easily the most evil things in the universe, I think I would want to know if they ever found an answer.  If they ever discovered why we are who we are. If they ever found out what our purpose was.


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